Ocosta Recreational Hall
Ocosta Recreational Hall

Ocosta Rec Hall Cleaning Check List

___ Remove all decorations.
___ Return chairs to racks and put racks away. (Do not put benches up on small tables.) Note that chairs are color-coded to certain racks.
___ Wash all dishes, pans and utensils. Wipe off counters.
___ Remove all food from coolers. Turn off large cooler.
___ Place all garbage in dumpster. If overfull, put excess in back room.
___ Clean up debris from parking area and grounds.
___ Check for personal items or food left behind.

___ Turn down thermostat to 55 degrees. Close and lock all windows and doors (including doors leading to outside in the bathrooms).

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Ocosta Recreation Hall
Mailing Address: c/o Martin Schroeder
1682 State Route 105
Aberdeen, Washington 98520

Phone: (360) 580-4415 Martin Schroeder

E-mail: info@ocostarechall.org

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